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Rural Roads & Market Access Infrastructure Development Project

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Rural Roads & Market Access Component (RRMAC) is one of the three components of the Agriculture Sector Program Support II (ASPS II), funded by the Danish and Bangladesh Governments. The component is also referred to as the Rural Roads & Market Access Infrastructure Development Project. [Click to see the Project Area Map]

The project has three objectives:


  1. Increased or improved (less costly) access for households to markets and service centres.
  2. Employment creation for marginal poor women on construction sites to enable them to develop sustainable Income Generating Acitivities (IGA).
  3. Improved sustainability and efficiency of the rural road network.
To improve the access to markets and service centres the project improves markets and the Upazila, Union and Village road network in Barguna, Patuakhali, Laxmipur and Noakhali.
Most of the civil works are implemented by so-called Labour Contracting Societies. Labour Contracting Societies are groups of extreme poor and destitute women, and if needed some skilled men, who form the work force on these civil work schemes. During and after the employment, RRMAC in collaboration with RFLDC (another component ASPS II) provides various trainings to these women to develop alternative and sustainable Income Generating Activities.  This process is supported by the mandatory savings schemes set up by the project. 
There are different owners of the rural road network. LGED is responsible for the Upazila and Union road network, whereas the Local Government Institutions (LGI) are responsible for the Village Road Network. The Maintenance Research & Development (MRD) is a subcomponent of RRMAC. MRD applies a holistic approach towards sustainability of infrastructure. It considers technical, planning, managerial and financial capacities as well as organization structures; quality control systems and incentive and motivation structures.
For more information about the Component download our logframe (English only) here. 




RRMAC Closing on 30 June 2013 Read more

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Women at Civil Works

Read more about the impacts of the project on the livelihood of extreme poor rural women in "Women at Civil Works; Changing Livelihoods".
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